A Message from Crystal of Women Grow in Mendocino County

My name is Crystal Rae Aleman, some of you may already know me. I am spearheading a Chapter of Women Grow in Mendocino County and would be thrilled if you would join us, help spread the word and even help with a few of the details for hosting a Networking Meeting in your area. All women and supporters of women are invited to attend.

Women Grow is reaching out to rural communities to host a future monthly meeting. Rotating the meetings around the county allows us to network and meet each other. 

May’s Chapter Kick-off Event in Covelo was successful with lots of positive feedback. I am busy planning the next 4 events. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

There are several topics I want to cover with a panel of speakers each month. It is my hope Women Grow will be able cultivate a group of mendocino county based women speakers who can represent the producer counties and go out and speak at other Women Grow meetings through out the state and country. Currently, the majority of Women Grow Chapters are in Urban areas. Only Humboldt and Mendocino have Women Grow Chapters based in Producer counties. I feel this is an important contribution to the movement as a whole. It is our two counties that put the Grow in Women Grow! Lets rock it! It is our moment to shine out to the rest of the world. This is one of the reasons I took this on. When I attended National Women Grow events I saw the lack of us mountain women! We have something to share. Let's find our voices and start speaking up and be seen. :) Yes, I feel passionate about this :)

This is how the June Meeting is shaping up- 

June’s Mendocino Women Grow Networking Meeting is being hosted in Laytonville. We are working on securing the Grange. The evening will include 3 parts: 
1 Networking 6:30-7:00 & 8:30-9:00 (bring your business cards)
2 Mendocino Commission Act Presentation & Update 7:00-7:30 
3 Panel Discussion Topic: Water 7:30-8:30pm    a) -frame issue b)-share solutions c) call to action d) what's next?
With the current timing of issues seems like a Water Discussion is next. Lets dig in and tease this issue out! How does the state water laws trump or interact with other laws and regulations? How is water regulations figured out for other water intensive crops like grapes, almonds, & dairies for example, compare to water use for cannabis? Lets dig into this topic and present some solutions to the public. I am looking for a few women speakers willing to educate, inspire and empower folks on the topic of local water issues. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be interested in sharing their perspective. 

Personally, Water is a topic near and dear to my heart. I am a certified permaculture designer and spent some time working on local stream restoration and ran the WET program in Covelo for 3 years. I have plenty of thoughts and experience on the topic. I also grew up in a high elevation, desert, A.G. community where everyone payed for 'the right to irrigate' from the canals diverted from the Columbia River. I grew up with WATER & water rights being a huge issue. BUT in this moment, my role is Chapter Chair. I would like to avoid being on a panel. Is there any one else out there who would like to speak to using permaculture & water saving techniques as one solution?

July’s meeting will be 2nd Thursday, July 9th. It is looking like it will be out on the Coast!
I would like to make it into a big public presentation & update of the Mendo Commission Act....
Panel Topic - we were thinking... 'Women Breeders' - seems only natural, ey?

August Meeting - ‘Branding’ and Trademarking issues along with a fun 'Wine & Weed paring & Networking' - I am currently talking to Real Goods in Hopland for the venue....(they are putting in a dispensary!!). I am not so much in support of OrganiCann......They just bought out the dispensary there. This gives us an opportunity to help the public understand the difference between Verticle Integration and craft farmers.....most folks don't even realize this is happening. Vertical Integration does not support 'outside' vendors, products or farmers. On the positive note, OrganiCann does employ women in the industry. And, they are an example of branding....BUT....

I have a huge plan for a fall event.....I look forward to networking and meeting all of you.

I am in the beginning stages of building the Women Grow network. I have a very small email list. If you know anybody who would like to be included, please forward this outreach letter. I have set up a FB page for the Mendocino County Chapter. 

Crystal Rae
Chapter Chair, Women Grow - Mendocino County

You may be familiar with Woman Grow, a national organization based out of the first legal state, Denver. Woman Grow was created to connect, educate, inspire and empower women cannabis industry leaders by creating programs, community, and vents for aspiring and current business entrepreneurs and leaders. The organization serves as catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a national scale. Feel free to check out their website at WomenGrow.com 





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