An extraordinary and diverse number of individuals with unequaled insight and experience have signed on with us to share their knowledge and understanding of cannabis related sciences with our students. Our instructors therefore often vary, depending on the content and special focus of the scheduled curriculum. We are fortunate to reside in the best environment on earth to grow cannabis, and so enjoy the close proximity of some of the most respected and talented pharmacological cannabis pioneers in the world.

Asked to provide a sketch of their history, philosophy, and vision for this page, we're honored to receive their intimate and enlightening biographies, and we sincerely appreciate their willingness to share their talents and enthusiasm in our classroom environment.

When guest instructors are confirmed for upcoming classes, we'll post their information here. Below are a few of the many talented people we've had the pleasure to join us. Stay tuned for more, and sincere thanks to all.

Kyndra Miller, esq. - Attorney at Law, CEO of CannaBusiness Law, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Wendy Read - Biochemist, Holistic Healer, Medicine Maker
Kevin Jodrey - Cultivation Director for the Humboldt Patient Resource Center, Arcata, CA
Bruce Briscoe - aka "Pharmer", Expert Cannabis Gardener
Dr. Joyce
- Info coming soon!
Donna King - Director of Education, 707 Cannabis College
Ganja D - Founder and Head Breeder of the Ganja Rebel Seeds Collective
Jan Neal - Artist / Designer
Samantha Miller - President-Chief Scientist, Pure Analytics, LLC

Kyndra MillerKyndra Miller

Kyndra Miller, Esq. received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC San Diego in June 1994. Ms. Miller graduated from Lincoln School of Law in Silicon Valley, California in 2002, passed the California Bar and, thereafter worked as a volunteer attorney for Americorps for one year. Upon completing her work with Americorps, Ms. Miller went into private practice and opened an Entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, California. Currently, Ms. Miller is President and CEO of CannaBusiness Law, Inc. (“Firm”), a wireless professional law corporation that provides Business Law services to medical marijuana patients in California.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the Firm is committed to helping medical marijuana patient’s form and operate not-for-profit, democratically controlled cannabis cooperatives. In addition, our Clients are provided access - at a discounted rate - to a network of business professionals with experience in Accounting and Tax matters. The Firm has two divisions handling legal matters in the areas of Corporate Law and Civil Litigation.

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Wendy Read

image of 707 Cannabis College Instructor Wendy ReadWendy Read is a Holistic Healer, Medicine Maker and Pagan Minister.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and is certified in Holistic Massage Therapy, Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine and other healing modalities.  She incorporates her knowledge of Ayerveda, Chinese Medicine, Counseling, Shamanic Journey work and other skills to treat members of her community at her beautiful natural healing center, the Caretaker's Garden, in Northern California.  She also leads seasonal rituals at the community altar installed in her herb garden and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Kevin Jodrey

Kevin Jodrey HPRC Cultivation DirectorKevin Jodrey is co-founder of The Ganjier and owner of Wonderland Nursery. As a Certified Master Gardener, Kevin's knowlege of cannabis related topics is vast. His articulation on the topic and willingness to share his knowlege with others is only outshined by his enthusiasm in discussing any and all things surrounding the medicinal cannabis industry today. Kevin's classes at Humboldt Cannabis College range from discussions of specialized soils and medicinally optimized growing techniques, to effective curing and storage strategies. His intimate and relaxed classes are punctuated by his ability and willingness to engage participants in open Question and Answer sessions, allowing students (and faculty!) to more deeply explore the wide variety topics and techniques gleaned from his years of expert experience. We're very fortunate to have Kevin Jodrey as one of our most knowlegable and sought after instructors.

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Bruce Briscoe

image-of-707-Cannabis-College-Instructor-Bruce-Briscoe-AKA-PharmerBruce Briscoe AKA "Pharmer" is a California native and has been residing in Humboldt County for 28 years.  Being an avid gardener most of his life, Pharmer, found his passion in producing high-quality medicinal herbs early on.  He has cultivated organic medicinal herbs for more than two decades perfecting various methods and techniques exclusive to the production of the sacred herb.

Pharmer's mission is to teach people how to produce the finest organic medicines for each individual's personal needs and or conditions.

Teaching the horticulture class of the Foundation course at Humboldt Cannabis College is the realization of a long time dream of sharing many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in how to grow and propagate high-quality sacred herbal medicine with an emphasis on the individual's particular needs.

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Dr. Joyce
Info coming soon!


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Donna KinkDonna King
Director of Education, 707 Cannabis College

Donna King is the Director of Education at Humboldt Cannabis College and a twenty five year veteran of vocational massage teaching. Donna brings her love and reverence for the healing capacity of the human body, a practical outlook and her life experience of a 57 year old body to the classroom.



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Samantha Miller
President-Chief Scientist, Pure Analytics, LLC

Samantha MillerThe Chief Scientist, Samantha Miller, is an internationally recognized Biochemist and expert in the field of quantitative analysis and chromatography.  Samantha graduated at the top of her class with a B.S. in Biochemistry, cum laude, and was awarded Scholarships and Fellowships with National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense and The Beckman Foundation for research in pro-drug discovery.  Her discoveries under these fellowships included unique reactions that permit the development of new drugs and delivery systems not possible prior to her work.

With 15 years of experience in analytical chemistry including drug development, environmental analysis, materials chemistry and more, Samantha is an internationally recognized expert not only in the use of analytical instrumentation, all forms of chromatography, unique method development and synthetic chemistry, but also in her contribution to the development and design of the instrumentation itself.  This includes the development of enabling technologies that permit many of the scientific breakthroughs and analyses occurring today in the fields of Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Super-Critical Fluid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and nanoscale protein analyses.

Combined with the study of advanced genetics, evolution and botany plus a practical approach to presenting and communicating results, Samantha brings an un-matched level of ability, experience and expertise to the medicinal cannabis industry.

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Ganja D

Ganja D is the founder and head breeder of the Ganja Rebel Seeds collective based in southern Humboldt County.  He has been extensively researching and growing cannabis for over 15 years, always striving to find, create, share, and preserve the best cannabis genetics possible.
Fueled by his passion for cannabis, he loves to share his expertise and experience with others.

Ganja D has taught at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and is a regular contributor to where his articles can be found in the cultivation section.

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Humboldt Humboldt Cannabis College is interested in hearing from qualified instructors for a basic class in cannabis horticulture, medicinal use, and law.  Any interested persons should contact us at:

P.O. Box 455
Redway, CA
Attention Education Dept.

or email Pearl at

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